How to Jailbreak Kindle Fire The Real Guide

How to Jailbreak Kindle Fire The Real Guide

Like any other tablet device that’s available, The Amazon Kindle Fire can be rooted and jailbreaked for a much better performance

Some people may consider rooting or jailbreaking as hacking, more and more users are beginning to realize the value of it. In this guide, we will be talking about the basic procedure of what us geeks like to call a jailbreak Kindle fire. Jailbreak is a term popularized by the first generation iPhone from Apple. It stemmed out of the need of users of another gateway or channel for unlimited customization of their device.

Let’s carry on. In this guide we will be focusing on jailbreak kindle fire version 6.3.1. This is the proper way to root the device and get it ready for the android operating system. Before we go through each and every step, I must tell you that it is a good idea to read this entire article and read it more than once.


For this guide you will need the following:

•    Amazon Kindle Fire device that operates on the latest 6.3.1 version
•    Micro USB cable for PC connection
•    Kindle Fire Utility
•    Windows-based personal computer, preferably running Windows 7

Jailbreak Kindle Fire The Step By Step Guide

First thing you will want to do is plug your kindle fire into your computer. After that, you will need to proceed to the next step which is the installation of the kindle fire utility program.

So basically, Plug in your kindle fire and install the utility program…plain and simple.

Remember that you can’t start the rooting procedure until you have successfully installed the correct drivers. So go ahead and double check every and make sure everything in the utility is correctly installed and all check all your drivers. After doing this, you can double click on the run.bat file that is found in the kind fire utility folder that you will be extracting.

This procedure can take a few minutes so grab a cup of coffee and relax. When it is complete a menu will pop up on your screen and since this tutorial is about jailbreak kindle fire you will have to select number 3 then press enter. After a few seconds you will see a message that basically tells you that the device has been rooted and enabled.

Hit the exit button and the device will restart.

Once your device has rebooted reconnect it to your PC and hit any key to continue.

The device will display a credits message (now you know you are in the right area) dismiss the message. Double check that the kindle fire is connected to the PC and the utility menu will be shown. There will now be a set of options. Choose number 6. After that select option number 2 and press enter. During this time the files will be automatically downloaded and again this process will take a few mins and it really depends on your internet connection.

There will be another message saying “root enabled.” Just continue to wait. Always remember to never disconnect the kindle fire from the PC while this is going on and never shut it down either. Once you see the message “All Done!” the device will reboot again and now you may disconnect it from the PC.

Enjoy you new Jailbreak Kindle Fire!