Rooting The Amazon Kindle Fire The Correct Way

Rooting The Amazon Kindle Fire The Correct Way

Many people find that rooting a device has more of a risk than a reward. This is some what true because when you root a system you are gaining access to the complete system and could possibly brick your device. The term “Jailbreak” came from hackers around the world who were fed up on using Apple store for to place apps. Today, one of the most searched term for jailbreak has to do with jailbreak kindle fire.

So if you are one of the many who owns an Amazon Kindle Fire and are looking for a way to root (jailbreak) your device to provide your tablet with a much more better performance then you have come to the right website. However do not get discouraged into thinking that only pro elite computer hackers can do such a thing. In fact, it’s so simple and easy once you follow the exact steps you will feel like a computer hacker!

One of the good things about the kindle fire is that amazon is so loyal to their customers that they actually allow users to jailbreak and root the device, especially for the Amazon Kindle Fire. So on a serious note, lets get into the tutorial on how to jailbreak kindle fire.

First things first, make sure you gain access to the android developer bridge (ADB). You may have to download it in order to successfully jailbreak your device. You will also have to add the vendor ID for Amazon’s Lab126 to the dab_usb.ini file.

So if you have the above setup lets get started!

First Steps

1 – First step is to go to %USERPROFILE%\.android. In here, you will have to edit a file called “adb_usb.ini. to do this, you have to add the line “0x1949” at the end. Next, click save and exit.

2 – Next, you need to find the area where you installed the Android SDK. Open the folder named Google-USB driver, then find a file called “android_winusb.inf. You will need to add and edit the lines to the Google.NETx86 and Google.NTamd64 sections as followed:

•    ; Kindle Fire
•    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006
•    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01

If you have already done this, you can now save and exit. That’s basically the ADB portion of this process.

Next, we are going to enable the root access to the Kindle Fire.

1 – First you will need to plug your Kindle Fire into your PC. The computer must be running Windows for compatibility (we recommend windows 7).

2 – Next, open your Device Manager in your computer. Locate “Other Devices” and under it, you can see the Kindle Fire. If you see it, you now have to choose the file called android_winusb.inf file.

– Now you will need to allow the installation of apps from the unknown sources. To do this you will need to tap the upper portion of the bar and select “Choose More” option. Select “Device” and located your listed device.

– Now you will need to download SuperOneClick tool. Once you have that downloaded run the program and click on the Root button located in the upper left corner. Once that is done, guess what…You’ve just completed a successful jailbreak kindle fire task.

Enjoy your new jailbreak kindle fire superuser tablet! be free!